Micheal McKay

Lean Design Thinking


Aarhus University
Peter Bøgh Andersen Auditorium
Finlandsgade 23, Nygaard-bygningen
8200 Aarhus N


16:30 Doors open
17:00 Welcome and Presentations
19:00 Meetup ends

User Experience innovation in Business & Technology

In his Lean Design Thinking talk, Michael McKay discusses how organisations and companies can utilise the new Lean UX methods. These methods are especially relevant to innovate and internalise actual user research in practical ways.


Design Thinking

The speech defines the premise of design thinking as a shared thinking tool. The tool links design, business and technology strategic work together around a user experience core. First of all this is done through video documentation of actual projects with engaging interviews of participants and customers. Michael will present a case story in which participants from a global Fintech company visited India. Here they were to develop new products for this market using a novel 5 day sprint format.

Finally the talk addresses the three pillars of user experience innovation culture, that companies and organisations use to incorporate the new design culture. Moreover Michael is giving advice and examples of how it is done in mid to large size corporations in Silicon Valley and elsewhere.

Michael is recognised as a thought leader around implementing and building design thinking, design culture and user driven innovation in organisations. In addition he has a career from Nokia, Amazon, eBay and Paypal. Also, he is an independent senior consultant working out of Copenhagen, Denmark.