Jesper Boeg #5

Core Lean/Agile – strive for what you really want!



Aarhus University
Peter Bøgh Andersen Auditorium
Finlandsgade 23, Nygaard-bygningen
8200 Aarhus N


16:30 Doors open
17:00 Welcome and Presentations
19:00 Meetup ends

Destination AARhus will together with MIB Madmarked serve some light refreshments (not at full meal) during the event.


Agile seems to be everywhere these days and if a large Agile change initiative has not already been launched, it is guaranteed to be part of the 2020 must-win-battles. Struggling to keep up in world with an ever-increasing pace of innovation it is not hard to recognize why, and for the CEO “Agile” becomes the silver bullet that will fix all problems. But surprisingly companies often fail to truly understand what Agile means before embarking on this journey and as a consequence the change does not deliver the expected results. What are core principles and what are context specific practices and solutions? Are Product Owner roles, Kanban Boards, Sprint Reviews and Deployment Pipelines the goal or just a means to an end?


In Lean manufacturing almost all process improvement is guided by striving for “one-by-one flow”. But what is the Agile “True North” and what happens when we strip away specific tools and practices and start focusing on getting what we really want? How does it look from the perspective of the CxO, VP and the individual team and can we avoid the current problems with Agile change initiatives that deliver heavily on mechanics and less on mindset and actual results?


In this presentation freelance Lean/Agile consultant, Jesper Boeg and Senior Consultant from Hildebrandt & Brandi, Lars Andersen will present their view on what core Lean/Agile is and a different perspective on implementing it in the organization. Not in terms of high-level consultant wording but key observable behaviors that everybody can understand and strive to achieve.


A free workshop on the topic, including an assessment, will be given to the attending company that can present the best case on the relevance of using it in their organization.


Target audience

Few aspects are more important than senior leadership buy-in in an Agile transition, but without implementing it at the team-level nothing moves. The key audience for this talk includes CxO and VPs in need of a deeper understanding of how to get the full value of the Agile transition as well as a managers, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches and transition leads. Beyond that anyone with an interest in applying core Lean/Agile principles should find the topic extremely relevant.


Speaker Bio 

Implementing Agile and Lean principles in the context of innovation and IT has been Jesper’s work and passion for more than a decade. He has great passion for continuous improvement and is constantly trying out new principles, tools and practices to find better ways of delivering great solutions and make work easier and more enjoyable for everybody.


Jesper works with the entire value stream from C-level to individual team members and is equally at home mentoring the CEO and coaching the delivery team. Jesper runs his own company www.agileupgrade.com and regularly speaks at local meetups and Agile and Lean conferences. He is a Kanban Coaching Professional, Kanban Management Professional and Accredited Kanban Trainer from LKU and has served as trackhost on numerous GOTO and QCon conferences. Jesper is the author of the two popular minibooks “Real Life Scrum” and “Priming Kanban”, which can both be downloaded for free at InfoQ.com.

This is a closed meetup for employees from Destination AARhus partner companies and students at Aarhus University. There are 250 seats, which will be distributed by a first-comes-first principle. 

Registration deadline: 08.11.2018


Sign-up cancellation: If you have signed up for the meetup but are unable to attend please write an email to: Maria_thing@destinationaarhus.com