Friday 17.00 to Saturday 17.00h

Aarhus Hack



INCUBA, Katrinebjerg
Åbogade 15
8200 Aarhus


FRIDAY, November 15:
5pm - Welcome, Dinner & Beers
6pm - Kick off by Lasse Chor
6.30pm - Team formation and start hacking
2am - Time to get some sleep

SATURDAY, November 16:
9am - Breakfast
12am - Lunch
1.30pm - Finishing hacking
2pm - Demo of hacks
4pm - Winner announcement
5pm - Thank you to this time

Aarhus Hack

Join the first-ever Aarhus Hack for professionals. It will be 24-hours of hacking and having a good time together with up to 100 of your geeky friends, 1337 colleagues and other great people from the tech community! It’s like a family party – only that everyone at the party can code!

Destination AARhus has together with Happy42 a goal of making this THE EVENT OF THE YEAR for the tech community in Aarhus. A safe place for you to connect, challenge your peers from other local tech companies, reconnect with old study friends and just have a good time while building cool stuff. We promise you there will be no job postings, commercial interuptions or people trying to recruit you to code something weird in Cobol or Brainfuck for their very promising startup. Just cool people, good atmosphere, great food and happy hacking. Like a family party for coders!

Cases? Not really, but prizes…

There are no case per say but we’ve gathered some prices for hacks around the following categories…

1: Hacking Aarhus

Find something that’s malfunctioning or could need a technical lift in Aarhus – come up with a brilliant solution and build a prototype to make life for the citizens of our great city better.

2: Hacking Stupid

Hmm, hard to define the scope of this one. Best thing would probably be to google “The Most Useless Machine EVER”. Build something that works from a technical perspective but in reality doesn’t solve any problems or maybe even create new problems – as long as it’s cool, flashy and a lot of wires on it.

3: Hacking Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner! Hack Christmas by making interactive Christmas ornamentation or LED reindeers or the Arduino driven elf landscape your mother always wished to get.


You are also very welcome to go in other interesting directions – but you’ll have to live with your own results as the prize for your efforts.

Who can join?

Tech professionals from the Central Region in Denmark. Juniors, seniors, wizards and all in-between are welcome!

We have 100 seats – so don’t wait too long to get spot for the event!