Chris Munns

Building Serverless Web Applications


Aarhus University
Peter Bøgh Andersen Auditorium
Finlandsgade 23, Nygaard-bygningen
8200 Aarhus N


16:30 Doors open
17:00 Welcome and Presentation
19:00 Thank you for today. See you next time!

Building Serverless Web Applications

In this talk, Chris will show how to build a serverless website. These websites scales automatically using services like AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and Amazon S3. We will review several frameworks that can help you build serverless applications. For examlpe the AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM), Chalice, and ClaudiaJS.


Chris Munns, Sr. Advocate, Serverless at Amazon Web Services

Chris Munns is the Sr. Advocate, Serverless at Amazon Web Services based in New York City. Chris works with AWS’s customers to understand how DevOps culture, practices, and tools can help them to improve their organizations development and operations capabilities. Prior to this role Chris spent a number of years gaining cloud operations and architecture experience as a Solutions Architect at AWS, as well as holding senior operations engineering posts at Etsy, Meetup, and Hinge. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Networking and System Administration from the Rochester Institute of Technology.