Danske Bank – A Strong Nordic Bank

Danske Bank is the largest bank in Denmark which roots back to 1871. With a strong position in the Danish market, the company strives to play an important role in Danish society. It is not just about creating value for their customers, but also fostering growth in society in general.


Aiming to create long-term value for all their stakeholders, Danske Bank has a vision of being recognized as the most trusted financial partner. The bank further differentiates themselves by combining their deep financial expertise with innovative products, solutions, and services.


The strong Nordic Bank has 20,357 employees in 16 countries 3.5 million customers. Furthermore, the share between female and male employees is a 50/50 split.

Group IT – Aarhus

Danske Bank has 3,300 IT professionals spread out on four development centers in three countries; Denmark, India, and Lithuania. All centers work to help creating leading and innovative solutions for their customers in agile manners across business units. The bank is on a journey to push the boundaries of banking. Further, the aim is to make continuous improvements in how banks serve their customers with accessible and user-friendly solutions.


450 IT professionals work at Danske Bank’s Development Centre Aarhus. Here the employees collaborate on developing financial technology such as MobilePay. The Development Centre Aarhus is situated just 9 km outside the city center. A career at Group IT is an opportunity to work with complex tech challenges. You will therefore be part of a community with high ambitions, have flexible working conditions, and finally have leaders who will support your professional development.

Talent Box

The Development Centre Aarhus hosts the innovation project Talent Box. This project focuses on research in the latest trends and technologies within the financial technological industry. Simply put, Danske Bank invites students with a background of science, technology, engineering and/or mathematics to write their thesis with Danske Bank.


Talent Box aims to include academic ways of approaching problems and is further a unique chance to combine theory and practice. Danske Bank supports the students work to ensure they get the relevant and valuable data for their project. Moreover, the organization supports with knowledge from experienced employees and experts on FinTech. Each project will get an internal supporter, who will be available for sparring and discussions about the project, ideas, and findings.

Job at Danske Bank Development Centre Aarhus

With an IT career at Danske Bank you will be working with cutting-edge technology, which has an impact for many people around the world. They are always looking for talent and they offer great opportunities for experienced professionals.


Finally, Danske Bank is joining forces with other local companies in Greater Aarhus to make the area a preferred destination for IT talents!

Meet the Team

Meet Alexandru, Associate Software Engineer, MobilePay

“Most of my tasks revolve around developing the software and implementing business functionalities. So, either enhancing the MobilePay performance or adding new features. All of the projects we are working on generate different types of tasks, and so each of them includes some research that adds diversity to our work. No two tasks are the same and I really enjoy that – it never gets boring. I enjoy my team; I have very talented coworkers so I’m learning new stuff every day. I’m the only international in my team, and that is actually pretty cool. I feel lucky that I landed in a team that is so curious about my culture, my country and myself. I first thought that the language might be a barrier, but my team is very good at switching to English when needed – I do know a little bit of Danish so they are very supportive and have a lot of patience when I ask them to talk in Danish because I really want to learn it. I feel very included thanks to them. We had the chance to customize our team name, so officially we are called ‘User Core’ but internally we are called the ‘User Squad’. We have our own mini-brand, logo, and everything inspired by the DC comic Suicide Squad, which is quite fun!”

Meet Bashar, Associate Software Engineer, eBusiness Security 

 “I started here as an intern, then a student worker and now I work a full-time job. It was great through all the stages. When I started at Danske Bank, I was a student, and as a student, you are learning and you are sometimes hesitant, but there is always someone who encourages you and would like to hear your opinion. At Danske Bank, they trust, that we have something to offer. That resulted in both personal and technical development for me. The project I’m working on now is a login and signature solution. We authenticate and authorize costumers for other departments. It’s a great project that uses the standard protocols of OpenID Connect and OAuth2 that you may know from login with Google, Facebook, etc. There is generally a lot of trust in all the processes, and with that trust of course comes responsibility. It was interesting, that I got that responsibility from – I would say – the first days. I’ve always felt that I can contribute and that there is a lot of value in what I do. I feel really lucky that I get to work at Danske Bank, it’s a great environment, and I really see myself as part of the family. I love what I do at Danske Bank, and that gives me so much motivation.”

Meet Alexandru, Corporate Entrepreneur

“I have been working at Danske Bank for three years. It’s really great, working here – it is a lot of fun! Currently, I’m working on implementing and delivering digital solutions in different areas, that help improve the daily life of our customers. It ranges from tools to applications to investment solutions. I’m working in a team where everyone can pick up the responsibility for different parts of the project, which makes us very flexible and able to deliver the right solutions faster. I think it’s great working in teams like this because everyone has different knowledge in different areas, so we complete and supplement each other’s skills very well. One of the great things about Danske Bank is, that I get to work in a multicultural environment. So, you learn a lot about different cultures not only from a professional perspective but also develop yourself culturally as well.”

Meet Sorin, UX Designer
“I have continued through student job, internship and now a full-time job here at Danske Bank because I wanted to learn more and continue my journey in the banking world. It’s a very interesting domain because we all have financial needs, and there is a lot of potential to transform banking so it becomes more human, easy and understandable for everyone. I have colleagues from different countries like India, Lithuania, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. So, there are a lot of different cultures and competences, and the mix of those people and being able to work with all of them is very interesting. My colleagues have a lot of respect for what I am doing and my cultural background. I feel very included in the departments and teams because people are so open-minded.”