Company Spotlight: The LEGO Group 

Based in Billund, Denmark, one of the world’s leading play brands looks into the near future, continuously impacted by a changing business landscape. The LEGO Group is facing digital disruption, pushing them towards an extensive digital transformation. With a passion for building, innovating, and creating, the LEGO Group sees both challenges and opportunities within the upcoming transformation.


This interview with CIO and Senior Vice President, Henrik Amsinck, will put a spotlight on the LEGO Group’s current challenges and opportunities

Digital disruption

Digital disruption changes the business landscape and affects the way many companies do business and stay relevant. Henrik Amsinck recognizes, that this will have an increasing impact in the years to come for the LEGO Group and the way they realize their purpose.


“We are put in this world to inspire the builders of tomorrow, and it’s really about reaching as many children as possible with a true LEGO experience. We believe that learning through play is such a valuable contribution to children’s upbringings. Currently, we only reach less than 5% of the world’s children with our LEGO experiences, so we of course hope to reach many more in the years to come. But, how do you do that in a world where the digital disruption is ever more apparent?” says Henrik Amsinck.


Staying true to the original thoughts behind the LEGO Group while ‘digital disruption’ brings new emerging digital technologies and changes to the way people buy and discover products is an important and challenging task. The LEGO Group started in 1932 as a small carpenter’s workshop and is now a global enterprise. The company has undergone an extensive development while still holding on to the original LEGO® brick. Staying true to tradition and adapting to a changing business landscape is what drives the LEGO Group forward, and Henrik Amsinck sees this continuing into an ever more digital future for the company.


“The Corona crisis has only accelerated digital commerce and a lot of other digital solutions. We at the LEGO Group have now and for some years before the pandemic been looking at a retail sector where digitalization is the key transformational theme,” says Henrik Amsinck.

An opportunity and a challenge

Digitalization is no longer an option. Henrik Amsinck recognizes that for the LEGO Group, there is a challenge ahead, but it comes with great opportunity.


“Digitalization is both an opportunity and a challenge for any company. And for the LEGO Group, we look at the opportunity that lies in digitalization and changing the company by embedding digital solutions into everything we do. But, that’s also a daunting challenge,” says Henrik Amsinck, and continues, “any company that has a successful past as a consumer packaged goods company will have to reinvent itself and become a digital version. When you are used to solving business challenges via normal enterprise procedures, then suddenly having to ask yourself; how can digital technology solve this challenge? It is just like learning a new language. So, the daunting challenge is getting every LEGO employee to think digitally and solve problems digitally.“


As CIO, Henrik Amsinck predicts, that he will get many more colleagues soon. The digital department will grow and become more central to the bigger digital transformation the LEGO Group is facing. This, however, raises a new challenge; attracting the right digital talents.


“I think that digital talent will be scarce in terms of capacity against the demand for many years to come as the world is transforming into a more digitally powered world. We need more great digital talents to fill out the digital void,” says Henrik Amsinck and points toward collaboration as a way to help fill that void.

The LEGO Group facts:

  • The name ‘LEGO’ is an abbreviation of the two Danish words “leg godt”, meaning “play well”.
  • The world-famous LEGO® Brick was invented in 1958 and was named “Toy of the Century” twice.
  • The LEGO Group employs more than 18.000 colleagues worldwide.

A fantastic digital career

The LEGO Group is a founding member of Destination AARhus, and the collaboration between leading companies, which the coalition represents, is where Henrik Amsinck points, to attract their much-needed IT-talents.


“We support Destination AARhus and the idea of uniting forces and branding Greater Aarhus as a place where you can have a fantastic digital career. We want Destination AARhus to be that lighthouse that sends out a beam that this is a fantastic place for you and your family and with endless career opportunities within technology. Our interest and our way of using Destination AARhus are to have that lighthouse running and make sure that talent around the world will consider the Greater Aarhus area as the right place for them to start and develop their career,” he says.

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