Company Spotlight: Systematic

‘Better train people and risk they leave, than do nothing and they stay’. The motto of the software company, Systematic speaks for itself – employee development constitutes the backbone of the company. Under the five core business areas Digitalization, Healthcare, Defense, Intelligence & National Security, and Library & Learning, Systematic pushes the limits for applied IT.


This interview with President and CEO, Michael Holm, will put a spotlight on Systematics’ current challenges and opportunities.

New projects and opportunities ahead

Since the foundation of Systematic in 1985, the company continuously takes on new challenges. Over the past 10 years, the company has expanded significantly, therefore, to align every part of the organization, the internationalization of the company is on today’s agenda.


Concurrently to the internal transformation, Systematic is currently looking into a variety of new projects, which Michael Holm sees as one of the main opportunities for Systematic and their employees.


“Recently, Systematic Inc. in the U.S. qualified to bid for a large framework agreement with the US Air Force called the Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS). The goal of ABMS is to enable the Air Force and U.S. Space Force to operate together and as part of a joint team in all domains (land, sea, air, space and cyber),” says Michael Holm.


Further, Renewables & Utilities is also an area, where Michael Holm predicts growth. “We joined the Danish Water Cluster along with other significant companies in the water sector who aim to drive innovation of water technology and increase export. We are involved in projects where machine learning is used to predict and prevent water leakage. With water scarcity becoming a global problem, we anticipate projects like this to be part of the key to solving the issue in the future.”

Systematic facts:

  • Systematic employs 1,000 highly dedicated employees representing 27 nationalities
  • Systematic has offices in 11 countries; Denmark, Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Romania, Sweden, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, the UK, and the USA
  • Everything done in Systematic is expressed in their four brand values: Simplicity. Trust. Performance. Forward-thinking.

Employing new Systemates

To tackle the opportunities, Systematic’s new projects bring, there is a definite need for more qualified employees. “One of the major challenges is the ability to recruit employees with the necessary skills to develop software for the future. The demand for highly skilled IT profiles is continuously increasing and the competition for fresh competencies is fierce,” says Michael Holm.


It is evident, that Systematic sees their employees as the mainstay of the company, and they have therefore created a work environment, where many want to stay or return to. “We understand that people occasionally feel the need to try something different and decide to leave. But Systematic is a great place to work – we know this because 13 percent of the employees we hired last year, were former ‘systemates’ who decided to come back home. I’m proud to say this because it proves to us that what we have to offer is good – and we are doing it right,” says Michael Holm.


Deciding to stay at a company for years and years is usually connected to the opportunity to prosper. Returning to the beginning motto, one of the ways, Systematic help their employees grow is through knowledge events, as the ones provided by Destination Aarhus. Michael Holm explains, “our current employees benefit from our membership with Destination Aarhus. This, by taking part in the frequent meetup and workshop events that Destination Aarhus plan throughout the year. During these events, our colleagues get a chance to become inspired, to network, and to stay updated on the newest tendencies and trends within the tech field.”

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