Company Spotlight: Salling Group

With more than 100 years of history, Salling Group A/S is not exactly the new kid on the block. However, the company has spent each of those years innovating, developing, and staying relevant. All evident in their digitalization where they have a leading position in online commerce.


This interview with Head of Digital, Claus Hovge Andersen, will put a spotlight on Salling Group’s current challenges and opportunities.

E-commerce on the rise

One of Salling Group’s core values is this ‘We embrace change, adapt quickly to new demands, and never stop learning.’ With the rise in e-commerce and fast pace in digital development, Salling Group has put a clear digital footprint on their strategy. As a growing company, Salling Group sees many opportunities, one of which is a digital one:


“From a technology perspective, the company’s main focus is to enable the Danish consumers to buy groceries and electronics at our ecommerce sites;,,,,, and”, says Claus Hovge Andersen, and continues, “Consumers have become more comfortable with online commerce and this will only increase in the future”.


With the increasing interest in online commerce, comes a task to make the online shopping experience available and accessible for all. While may has their first try at ordering produce online in these years, Salling Group’s vision stands tall; to make the lives of their costumers easier. This includes their online shopping experience, which is under continuous development and growth, to meet the needs of the first-time costumers as well as the increasing number of costumers straining the software.


This lays the groundwork for one of Salling Group’s biggest challenges according to Claus Hovge Andersen – attracting the right candidates to their digital team.

Salling Group facts:


  • The history of Salling Group dates back to more than 100 years. What started as a small draper’s shop in 1906, is today an international retailing group.
  • Salling Group is more than a supermarket. They include Stores, webshops, coffee shops, restaurants, meal boxes, and their own brand.
  • Salling Group employs more than 53.000 employees in Denmark.

Talented employees

“The biggest challenge is securing talented colleagues to our company, says Claus Hovge Andersen. Even though Salling Group’s digital team is strong in numbers, they acknowledge the need for even more talented employees to keep developing their online presence for years to come.


Amongst other activities, Salling Group prioritizes the development of their employees, which also shines through in their values. Providing access to local events and workshops where their IT-professionals can learn and develop new skills, makes for an attractive workplace.


Our employees appreciate the high-quality activities that Destination Aarhus arrange”, says Claus Hovge Andersen as an example.

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