Company Spotlight: Kamstrup 

Michael Stubbe

With its strong international focus, operating in 20+ countries and having distributors in 60+ countries, Kamstrup is one of the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of solutions for smart energy and water metering. Kamstrup have more than 1,500 employees, whereof 25% are working within IT and Engineering, creating innovative product ranges of hardware, software, and services. In the pursuit of a brighter energy future, the company is continuously looking for IT and tech talents.


This interview with Michael Stubbe, Vice President Human Resources at Kamstrup, will put a spotlight on the current opportunities and challenges of the company.

Focus on Sustainability

Kamstrup’s biggest opportunity is the increased focus on sustainability worldwide which their intelligent metering solutions are highly contributing to, said Michael Stubbe.


Furthermore, the company sees a great opportunity in the American market where after the election, great attention has been put on the green transition of the country’s national infrastructure.


As a global player in smart metering solutions, Kamstrup is a key player in optimizing usage and minimizing non-revenue water and energy.

Kamstrup facts:

  • Kamstrup was founded in 1946 in Aarhus by Olaf Kamstrup, a self-employed technician.
  • Kamstrup’s vision is to revolutionize the supply of clean water and energy through intelligence.
  • Amongst many other employee benefits, Kamstrup was the first Danish company to have a dentist on-premise.

A Growth Journey

With a solid financial platform to build from, Kamstrup has a positive financial outlook and its international growth is expected to increase in the coming years.


“We are currently focusing on upgrading our organization by hiring new skilled colleagues, who can contribute to the continued growth of Kamstrup”, said Michael Stubbe. Moreover, the company is giving talented students the unique opportunity to create a solid foundation for their future career by offering a wide range of internships.


However, the company needs to hire more skilled employees within IT and technology to reach their ambitious target goals. “We predict a great challenge hereof, as we see a gap between the number of possible candidates and the demand on the Danish labour market”, Michael Stubbe added in this context.

Attracting international talents

To drive innovation forward, Kamstrup sees the potential in a diverse workforce. Together with Destination AARhus, the company aims to put greater attention to and expanding the knowledge of the Greater Aarhus region and the companies’ offerings to potential international candidates.


“Our current employees are benefiting from Destination Aarhus’ webinars where we have a lot of colleagues attending. Moreover, we see that it can benefit future international employees by providing them with a network once they come to Denmark. This network is not only valuable for international colleagues but also for our Danish co-workers as it provides them with a space to discuss new technologies, and hereby stay updated on newest trends”, Michael Stubbe said.

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