Company Spotlight: Jyske Bank 

Jeppe Buk

Since Jyske Bank was founded following the merger of four banks in Central Jutland in 1967, the bank grew significantly. Today, Jyske Bank employs more than 3.300 employees of which 450 are highly dedicated developers driving the digitalization of the bank forward. By introducing an agile organization within business/IT development at the end of 2020, Jyske Bank managed to put the digital customer experience to the next level.


This interview with Jeppe Buk, Cluster Lead for Digital Bank and Market Development will put a spotlight on the current opportunities and challenges in Jyske Bank.

A bank out of the ordinary

Jyske Bank, according to Jeppe Buk, has always been a bit different as opposed to other large banks in Denmark.


Illustrated by its mascot, the lively catfish (in Danish “Havkatten”) that whips its tail, stirs up the water and creates oxygen for its surroundings, Jyske Bank customers can expect very personal, informal and unpretentious service. This has been evident not only through the bank’s way of packaging its offerings to its customers but also with respect to the physical decoration and layout of its branches.


Jyske Bank’s ambition of being different currently has a clear focus on digital banking.


“Our focus right now is to recreate the experience of being a different and better bank in the digital apps, while making sure the customers and advisors come along with us on that journey. You could say, we are nursing a digital ‘junior advisor’ that will collaborate with its human colleagues in the frontline and back office to ensure the very best customer experiences!”, Jeppe Buk said.

Jyske Bank facts:

  • Jyske Bank is the third-largest bank in the Danish market and the second-largest bank with Danish owners.
  • Jyske Bank has a nationwide network of 80 Danish branches.
  • In 1982, the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten were the first ones to call the bank “the catfish in the tank”.

The use of agile methods

Jyske Bank has been using agile methods for several years, and by the end of 2020 decided to wholeheartedly move to a ‘Spotify-inspired’ agile organization within business/IT development. Catalyzed by a strong agile delivery ‘muscle’, the company aims to grow its business and continuously improve customer experience and loyalty, Jeppe Buk said.


In order to drive the agile journey forward, the bank builds on talent attraction within business/ IT development which is, according to Jeppe Buk, also one of the biggest challenges.


“I believe we need to be very much aware of our two main prerequisites for success: Talent and Focus. We must attract and retain the very best talent and know exactly where we want to focus our efforts to improve; failing in either one of these will dramatically reduce our chances of success”, he highlighted.

Engaging the development community

As part of Jyske Bank’s growth journey, the company has a strong focus on engaging the development community. “I hope and believe that the Destination AARhus collaboration will help us engage with the community, identify ways to contribute, and ultimately attract the next colleagues who want to join”, Jeppe Buk mentioned.


“Since joining Destination AARhus, our employees have already benefited from the many activities offered; especially the webinars have been instantly beneficial, and I hope we expand that benefit going forward”, he added.

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