Company Spotlight: BESTSELLER 

Founded in 1975, BESTSELLER is one of Denmark’s largest fashion companies, representing 20 brands, which sell products that are available online and in stores across Europe, The Middle East, North America, Latin America, Australia, and India. BESTSELLER is in the midst of a vast digitalisation process, strengthening the role IT plays in the company.


This interview with Head of Retail and Enablement Dann Bleeker Pedersen will put a spotlight on BESTSELLER’s current challenges and opportunities.

Digitalising the entire value chain

Looking into the future, BESTSELLER has a clear ambition to increase digitalisation. In the current business landscape, becoming digital both for customers and for an agile workflow within the company is increasingly important.


“We are seeing an increasing push for digitalisation across our entire value chain and support functions. Everything from increased use of video conferences to interacting with customers and vendors, as well as new digital platforms to exchange live product data across our value chain,” Dann Bleeker Pedersen says.


Dann also points to another key focus point for BESTSELLER right now: “Ensuring we have the right goods across our supply chain. In an uncertain world, with bigger fluctuations in demand than we are used to, this is increasingly important.”


Zooming in on the IT department in BESTSELLER, agile changes were and are continuously affecting the department. The changes are pushing the influence of IT out of the department and integrating it in all parts of BESTSELLER.


“In BESTSELLER IT, we are continuing our agile journey, which we started more than two years ago. Our achievements so far have given us a firm belief that our agile ways-of-working is the only way for us to succeed in supporting all the great initiatives for digital across our value chain,” Dann says.

IT means business

While there is a new focus on how digitalisation and innovative IT solutions are infiltrating all BESTSELLER departments, Dann points out that IT has always stretched beyond the walls of the department.


“In BESTSELLER IT, we have a saying: IT means business. This means that we do our part to make sure we achieve our goals as a company,” he says.


Digitalisation, however, often also leads to new challenges. As BESTSELLER takes on an ambitious journey towards becoming increasingly sustainable, the need for IT has never been more evident.


“Being able to meet all the ambitions we have will be challenging, as we not only need to deliver many new solutions, but we also need to learn new technologies, new processes, and new ways of collaboration across our business and beyond,” Dann says.


  • BESTSELLER have approximately 2,700 branded chain stores across 38 markets worldwide
  • BESTSELLER have about 17,000 employees in multiple offices around the world
  • BESTSELLER has a ‘North Star’ – an ultimate ambition to bring Fashion FWD until they are climate positive, fair for all, and circular by design.

Innovation calls for qualified employees

Transforming a company with around 17,000 employees requires recruiting fresh and bright talent.


With the need to innovate on every level, we need competences in our organisation,” Dann explains, pointing out that there is a clear ambition to recruit outside the borders of Denmark.


On our future journey, we will also need to add new colleagues to our team. We believe that diversity adds value to our ability to innovate. Therefore, we are interested in adding new global talent with different perspectives than our own.”


For BESTSELLER, a large part of attracting and retaining IT talent is making sure they have an environment to grow as individuals, which translates directly to growth as a company.


“In Destination Aarhus we get the opportunity to participate in different events, workshops, and meetups where we learn about new technological opportunities and not least how other organisations have applied with success,” Dann says.

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