CGI was founded in 1976 in Canada. We have 70,000 professionals in 40 countries who deliver high-quality business consulting, systems integration and outsourcing services. Our 500 (approx.) professionals in Denmark are spread out all over the country – in Ballerup, Aarhus, Kolding and Aalborg.


The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange. In fiscal year 2016, the revenue was CAD 10.7 billion (DKK 52.7 billion).
CGI is the fifth largest IT services provider in the world and we are strongly represented on a global level both with personnel and with the proper specialized knowledge about industries and solutions. Experience the commitment® represents the way we think and act.

CGI is founded on three strong fundamental principles, which are essential to our clients:


  • Experience the commitment®
  • Local knowledge – global strength
  • Operational Excellence


Our overarching promise to our clients is Experience the commitment®. We want you to meet committed CGI professionals who take responsibility. We employ our local knowledge and global strength to deliver high quality projects with high client satisfaction. We call it Operational Excellence.