Billund Airport. Connection to the world. Direct!

Generally, Billund Airport contributes to the local business’ possibility to attract the best talents from all over the world by make the connection to West Denmark easy. More concrete, the organization supports the companies in Greater Aarhus to attract and retain highly qualified IT and digital professionals through membership in Destination AARhus.

Focus on digitization

Billund Airport is further undergoing a larger digital transformation process. They are focusing on implementing technical solutions, which will make it easier to be both an employee and traveller at the airport. Therefore the organization is also looking for highly qualified It and digital talents, who can help them develop and implement the best solutions.

… and growth.

2018 was a record year for the organization with more than 3.5 million passengers travelling to and from abroad either directly or through their 15 connection hubs. With the passenger record in 2018, it is furthermore the ninth year in a row, that they experience growth in numbers of passengers. They can proudly and rightly call themselves West Denmark’s International Airport!


As mentioned, the airport has more than 100 direct destinations in Europe and good connections to more than 540 destinations globally with just one stop. Billund Airport provides international IT talents easy access to Greater Aarhus.