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Bankdata head office

Career opportunities at Bankdata 

Bankdata is one of the largest finance-IT companies in Denmark with more than 750 employees. Moreover, it is on many parameters one of the biggest players when it comes to IT within the financial sector. 650 employees of the total workforce work with IT, either by developing or supporting the IT operations. With its headquarter in Frederica and development centres in both Fredericia, Silkeborg, and Aarhus Bankdata is centrally located in Denmark. Further, it has a development site in India.


Bankdata is owned by 8 Danish banks which receive all the IT solutions needed to stay competitive. The banks take an active part in both planning, development, and prioritization of the activities conducted. They develop unique solutions with everything from mobile and online banking to credit and counselling systems of a high quality, which make banking systems operational and manageable. The organization is a key part of the Danish financial infrastructure. Their solutions meet the needs for up-to-date, secure, and reliable IT-solutions in the financial sector facing rapid development.


Being close to the academic environment at Aarhus University is important to stay in dialogue with researchers conducting state-of-the-art research. Additionally, they scout among the students for skilled IT-talents for the company.

From Craftmanship to Engineering 

Bankdata is on a journey from being a company of craftsmanship to become an engineering company. The organization is transforming on many levels:

  • Increasing their internationalization efforts to overcome potential language barriers.
  • They are implementing and developing leading-edge technologies to stay at the very forefront of delivering finance IT services.
  • They are looking for highly skilled IT-talents.

Jobs at Bankdata

The company is an agile organization and an attractive workplace for IT professionals. They challenge the employees with complex and varying tasks, which they solve together in Scrum teams.


Bankdata is continuously looking for IT-talent for vacant positions or through unsolicited job applications. If you are interested in developing cutting-edge IT-solutions for a leading player within the financial sector, then apply for a job at Bankdata!

Meet the Team

Henriette Ulfkjær Rohde1

Meet Henriette, Software Developer
“Right now, I am working on a new joint mobile application of several banks providing an overview of mortgages for their customers. What is special about Bankdata is that we are not just working on a subcomponent, we are creating a full product that, in the end, is being used by end-users. I would say that Bankdata has a very open working environment. We are always working in collaboration and I like the inclusive atmosphere in my team. Everyone is helpful and willing to share their knowledge – also across teams”

Meet Thomas, Software Developer
“I started at Bankdata in 2018 right after finishing my studies. In my team, we are working with real estate credit loans. While I have been working in the team, we have shifted from programming with Cobol to Java mainly. I think it is great to be part of a team that’s ready for changes and open for new things. What I like the most about my job are the challenges and the responsibility I get. At Bankdata you get the opportunity to grow as a developer and to create something that is being used in the ‘real world’”

Thomas Kærgaard1