Arla Foods


Arla – More Than Just a Dairy Cooperative

Arla is the 5th largest dairy company in the world and the largest producer of organic dairy products. As a dairy cooperative owned by dairy farmers, the organization help to shape its future. Furthermore, they participate actively in developing the dairy structure of tomorrow and creating new trends in dairy consumption.


However, the organization has a vision to create the future of dairy and serving millions of people globally. The dairy cooperative offers plenty of opportunities to realize your professional ambitions. Arla will motivate and challenge you to continually developing your professional career. Having the right IT-competencies in-house is crucial to secure future growth.


Through a job at Arla you enter a dynamic environment and collaborative culture. The company has 19,000 passionate people employed globally, and they offers a high-performing culture and great ambitions. Further, Arla has a strong vision of developing the business by growing the employees’ talent and competences. It is essential to provide an empowering environment that enables both personal and professional growth.

IT Career at Arla

Unleash your IT career at Arla, and get the chance to unfold your talent in an IT department that offers diversified, fast-paced and fulfilling IT positions.


Different projects in the organization involves IT professionals and thus can possess a variety of roles. Some previous projects have been regarding automations of transactional finance processes; developing mobile applications; developing Analytics Applications. The cooperative has recently joined a different Agile Release Train called iFit which is working with the core of Arla IT platforms also from hardware side.


The organization is applying an agile concept when it comes to ways of working within IT. Working in an agile way is anchored in the idea of delivering value frequently in small chunks, learning and improving along the way. The digital evolution is changing the game. It is extremely important for the cooperative to react to changes in the market, and  further to be at the forefront and exploit digital opportunities in innovative ways.


Arla highly encourage professional development. IT-professionals working in the IT or Digital divisions can expect a steep learning curve and room for great ambitions. With a job within IT you will experience a positive ’can-do’ attitude and action-orientated mindset among all your colleagues around the world.


Commitment to professional development is a key driver in an ambitious work environment where accountability is preferred over control. As an IT professional at Arla, you have the freedom to think big and the flexibility to get the job done. The organization is working smart, embracing new ideas and innovations, to achieve their goals.

Student and Graduate Talents

Through development and talent programs, Arla rewards commitment and high performance among their student workers and graduates. To identify, assess and accelerate the development of talents at different levels in the organization, Arla has designed Talent Accelerator Programme. It is a springboard for personal and professional career development. Furthermore, participants learn how to improve and develop their leadership skills in their future career. The students and graduate at the programme has an aspiration to grow, be globally mobile, and act as a role model.


Together with Destination AARhus, Arla supports making Greater Aarhus an attractive destination for IT-talents.