About Us

Destination AARhus is the most ambitious IT-community in Denmark. First of all we invite international IT-talents to become part of this exclusive network comprising 5000+ IT-jobs.

Moreover, the collaboration is a professional knowledge sharing and development community consisting of the biggest IT-organisations in the the vicinity of Aarhus. The representatives from the IT-organisations are CEOs, CIOs and HR partners. We represent the exceptional benefits of working in Denmark with a unique work life balance including flexible working conditions, empowerment and autonomy, 35-40 workhours per week and much more.

Finally, Destination AARhus holds 6-8 knowledge sharing events, where our partner companies’ employees are invited. Therefore you should become part of this unique community and kick-start or develop your IT career.


Hack Kampmanns Pl. 2

8000 Aarhus

E-mail: info@destinationaarhus.com

Phone: +45 20 80 65 55