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Aarhus University – a top 100 University 

Science the establishment in 1928 Aarhus University has grown to become a leading public research university. Today the university has a strong international reputation across the entire research spectrum. Furthermore, Aarhus University is consistently ranked as one of the world’s top universities. On a national scale, Denmark ranks fourth best in the world in proving higher education.

With 11,500 scientific and administrative employees working to deliver high-quality education and research and 39,000 students Aarhus University has a goal to contribute in solving the global and complex challenges the world faces. The aim is to unite researchers’ professionalism with a cooperation across demarcations to combine research in new ways. For that reason, Aarhus University is an international competitive university within research, education, talents development and knowledge exchange.

International research

Internationalized teaching and research programs is a strategic priority for Aarhus University. It contributes to the high concentration and mobility of talent at all levels. Around 12 per cent of 39.000 students are international, representing over 106 nationalities. Above all, the internationalization is a significant means to achieve quality through diversity and to deliver on the goal of being a leading university with a global reach.


Also, Aarhus University aims to increase international visibility of its research and taking the lead in international research projects. The objective is to capitalize upon existing strengths and expand the research areas where the university belongs to the international elite.

Leading Computer Science Department

The Department of Computer Sciences at Aarhus University conducts research, education and innovation of the highest international calibre. Through research-based education, the highly skilled staff educates and mentors extremely demanded students to be leaders of the next generation. Certainly, Computer science is very important for the development of all sectors of society.


The use of IT is a key factor for increasing productivity in Denmark. The fact that graduates enter a, otherwise challenged, job market with no unemployment for them reflects the importance and need for highly skilled IT-talents. Therefore, the department will continue and improve the current work to be recognized as a leading department in computer science.


Even more, the department has several high-profile research groups and high-profile individual researchers. The “flagship areas” for the department of computer science are Big Data and Data Analytics and Cyber-Security.

Collaboration with Destination AARhus

Finally, the department of computer science has a long and solid tradition for interaction with private companies and public institutions. Through a partnership with Destination AARhus students from computer science have access to knowledge-sharing events and a professional network.