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Destination AARhus

Destination AARhus is a professional business network with a large community of leading companies in Greater Aarhus. Our member portfolio is locally founded and internationally operating companies with a strong IT profile. Destination AARhus works to make Greater Aarhus an attractive career destination for IT / digital talents. Our business network gives IT professionals access to a unique business environment in Greater Aarhus representing +5000 IT jobs.


Destination AARhus is driven by a corporate initiative and the need for qualified competencies. Collaboration is key to secure future human resources within IT. Together with Aarhus University and local authorities we develop and improve the IT environment in Greater Aarhus.

International IT Environment

According to international rankings, the business climate in Denmark is among the best in Europe. The IT industry is one of the most important growth industries in Greater Aarhus, within which you can find multiple innovation hubs. The innovation hubs cover cleantech, fintech, ICT, healthcare, agriculture, and defence. Moreover, Greater Aarhus’ IT cluster is a national top score in terms of growth and the establishment of new IT companies. Further, the IT industry in Greater Aarhus has a significant ecosystem with synergies between local businesses, educational institutions, and researchers in the field. The Destination AARhus network and collaboration is a proven example of this.


Internationalization is a significant means for Greater Aarhus to improve its IT environment and develop a preferred career destination for internationals. Destination AARhus aims to increase the international visibility of the career opportunities in this area and put Greater Aarhus on the IT world map!


Vacant Positions

Our companies are continuously looking for talented IT / digital professionals. The vacancies cover everything from software developers to data engineers to Project Managers and other IT positions. Do you possess competencies within JAVA, .NET, MSSQL, C# and C++ or other technical qualifications? The companies are looking for IT talents at all hierarchical levels from student workers and interns to recent graduates, managers, and seniors.

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We organize several high quality and hands-on IT-focused events. The featured topics vary within the field of information technology from machine learning to programming languages to cloud computing etc. In other words, we aim to look into the hottest, relevant and interesting topics within the IT field. It is important for the companies, that their employees are up to date with the newest technology and have the possibilities for developing their skills. It is the professionals’ needs for development and curiosity which forms the basis of the event program. We book local and international speakers, but we also use the experts and knowledge present within our member companies.

Expat Stories

Do you wonder what it is like to work and live in Denmark as an international? It might be different to what you are used to, or it might be very alike the culture you come from. We have asked expats from Spain, Romania, Moldova, Brazil, and other countries what their experiences are. What they all have in common is the appreciation of the Danish work-life balance and the work environment.


You can watch their videos, read their stories and hear about everything from social life to career development.

Upcoming events



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Simon Brown

Diagrams as code 2.0 – Modern Pragmatic Software Architecture




Simon Brown

Software Architecture for Developers MONDAY





Greater Aarhus

Aarhus is the fastest-growing city in Denmark with plenty of exciting career opportunities in the area. The city has a significant international profile and is a leading city of knowledge, innovation, culture, and education. Furthermore, this also reflects on the Danes ability to speak and understand English. This makes it easy for foreigners to work and live in Denmark.


In Greater Aarhus, you get the best of both worlds; a vibrant city center and easy access to beautiful nature. Furthermore, the safe environment for children, the work-life balance and the high standards of living make Greater Aarhus a great place for the entire family.

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