My Life in Greater Aarhus by Lishuai and Elena

Living in Greater Aarhus and working with IT comes with many great advantages. Some of them are here presented by Lishuai Jing and Elena Ciobanu working with Grundfos.

My Life in Greater Aarhus

Lishuai is a Senior Data Scientist and Elena Ciobanu is a Frontend Developer both working at Grundfos. They explain how the company is making much more than just pumps. Working with advanced technology to deliver value internal and external Grundfos is also an IT workplace encouraging to use the most updated technology –  which according to Elena is one of the things that makes her job at Grundfos amazing.

Further, Lishuai tells us that the work-life balance makes it possible for him to have an IT career and two small kids.

Watch the video of Lishuai and Elena telling their story about working with IT and living in Greater Aarhus.

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Stay tuned for more stories from international employees about the life and work in Greater Aarhus.