Destination Aarhus Meetup:

Kotlin Programming Language

The topic for the fourth Destination AARhus Meetup focuses on Kotlin Programming Language, which was recently approved by Google as a supported language for Android. The speaker is Hadi Hariri, who will present the evening of September 14th, 2017. After the meetup, there will be time for questions and Detsination AARhus will serve refreshments.

This is a closed event for employees from Destination AARhus partner companies. There are 250 seats, which will be divided through a first comes first principle.


Aarhus University
Peter Bøgh Andersen Auditorium
Finlandsgade 23, Nygaard-bygningen
8200 Aarhus N


September 14th, 2017
16:30 Doors open
17:00 Welcome and Presentations
19:00 Meetup ends

Title: Kotlin

Speaker: Hadi Hariri

Level: Intro/intermediate 

Hadi Hariri, Kotlin Expert
Developer and creator of many things OSS, his passions includes Web Development and Software Architecture. Has authored a couple of books, a few courses and has been speaking at industry events for nearly 15 years. Currently at JetBrains leading the Developer Advocacy team. Spends as much time as he can writing code.


Kotlin in Production:
Kotlin, a language developed by JetBrains has recently been approved by Google this year as a supported language for the Android. However, did you know that it’s being used in production for over a few years now already? Both inside and outside of JetBrains there are people deploying Kotlin applications for Android platform, for Web Applications and just about any other type of application. Why are people using it instead of Java or some of the other languages out there? Primarily because it provides significant benefits in terms of conciseness, readability and safety, without some of the drawbacks that adopting a new language has such as a higher learning curve or interoperability with existing code and ecosystems. In this talk we’ll cover some aspects of Kotlin that can really help you in your daily development, focusing on solving issues versus highlighting language features.

Hadi Hariri
Hadi Hariri
VP of Developer Advocacy at JetBrains

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