Denmark one of the best countries in the world for immigrants

Denmark one of the best countries in the world for immigrants

Scandinavian countries perform well at the top of a list of the world’s best countries for immigrants. Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark are among the ten most attractive countries to be immigrant in, a new survey from the US News and World Report shows.

The list includes 80 countries and the ranking is based on interviews with over 21,000 people from all continents. Canada, Switzerland, Australia and Germany fill the seats after Sweden, while Denmark is number ten. According to US News the study involves factors such as immigration policy, economic stability, income, equity and labor market conditions.

The fact that Nordic countries are taking four of the top positions is mainly due to a positive global perception of their economies as well as the countries’ effort to smooth out income inequalities, according to the US News survey, which more than 21,000 people from all regions of the world participated in.

Several Middle East countries have a high proportion of immigrants in proportion to their total population. Including Saudi Arabia, number 15 on the list, and number 23, Qatar. The fact that they are located relatively far down is due to the fact that countries fail to make efforts to integrate immigrants, US News in a press release.

Deidre McPhillips, who has contributed to the investigation, tells Washington Post that the survey takes UN analysis on immigration policy and integration efforts into account.

“Our goal of this study was to focus on the economic aspects of immigration and the significance it may have of how conditions in a country are perceived in the rest of the world,” she tells the newspaper.

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