Denmark Offers Best Quality of Life in the World

Denmark Offers Best Quality of Life in the World

Denmark beats out 127 other countries by making exceptional social and environmental progress across all dimensions of the 2017 Social Progress Index. Not far behind, its Nordic neighbors—Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden—also demonstrate strong social progress performance.

New research, released today by the Social Progress Imperative in collaboration with Michael E. Porter of Harvard Business School and Scott Stern of MIT, shows that Denmark excel at meeting basic human needs, at providing a foundation for wellbeing with basic education and environmental protection, and at creating opportunities for all citizens to make personal choices and reach their potential.

Distinct from simply making residents happy, the Social Progress Index recognizes these countries for having produced the greatest social and environmental outcomes through effective policy making, inclusive programs and bold investment in social progress.

“Denmark has long been heralded for its successful welfare policies and quality of life. While not surprising, its strong performance on the 2017 Social Progress Index is impressive and will serve for others as a model of what works in social progress,” Social Progress Imperative CEO Michael Green said. “Still, even the country at the top of the charts can improve and strive for more inclusive growth.”

Social Progress Imperative, for the first time, is able to compare 128 countries’ social progress performance across four years and reveal global, regional, and national trends. Denmark made positive progress in areas like Health and Wellness, and Access to Advanced Education (moving up those scores more than two points each) over the past four years.

Reasons behind the #1 ranking, according to the study:

  • ●  Denmark is a world leader on Access to Information and Communications due to the high rate of mobile phone subscriptions(on average one mobile phone for each Danish resident) and a high level of Internet usage (over 96% of Danes usethe Web, compared to less than 75% of citizens in the US and 91% in Sweden).

    ●  It also leads the world in Shelter thanks in part to the availability of affordable housing, which is an issue that is

    proving difficult to solve for many other European nations.

    ●  On Personal Rights, Denmark finishes first globally, for effectively enabling political rights, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, and private property rights (that is, all indicators under this component).

    ●  Overall, Denmark is performing within the expected range of the 15 countries with a similar GDP per capita and remains atop the Index due to its consistent prioritization of social progress (and strengths mentioned above).

    ●  Denmark’s performance standout from wealthier countries too because of how effectively it applies its $44,042 GDP per capita to address the social and environmental needs of its country. At tenth in the world, this is significantly lower than Norway ($63,650) and the US ($52,704) which rank 2 and rank 18 on the 2017 Social Progress Index respectively.

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